Members & Volunteers

Vridhi Members

V Kashyap Devulapally

Kashyap's responsibility involves representing Vridhi Foundation in the society. From the initial stages, he not only liaised with the bureaucrats, government officials, welfare associations and various other groups but also assisted others in getting to tick off "checklists" to run the campaigns seamlessly.

Ashok Sapuru

Ashok's role involved in bringing awareness on whole gamut of climate change issues. His role required knowledge of science, interpret reports on climate change and ability to elucidate in a language that it can be understood by people of all age groups. He was instrumental in conducting awareness presentations at various places like schools, welfare associations, universities and multi-national companies.

Aditya Koppula

Aditya’s work involved ability to observe, assimilate and present a holistic view on issues Vridhi took up to the members . He does the groundwork for all the campaigns, presentations, collection of data, analysis, field work and talking to concerned people.He brought the right people on board, built a skeleton structure and gave a shape to the group.

Goutami Krishna

Goutami has been involved in organizing and conducting activities of Vridhi. Her paintings on Climate Change has gained not only appreciation but also was able to silent the chatters in minds of viewers. She is very approachable, committed, coherent and  "Go to" person in the group and continues to contribute to activities of Vridhi.

Krishnamohan Adiraju

Having diverse experience in different fields of social work Krishna Mohan has involved in various activities across the world in many countries. He was instrumental in spearheading the Water Hyderabad campaign, his experience has enormously helped in pulling off such a big event which made a long lasting impact resulting in construction of many Rain water harvesting pits and many more awareness programs.

Raghu Maram

Raghu has been associated with Vridhi from the very beginning. He is not only candid in his speeches but also very instrumental in encouraging his friends and colleagues to participate in various activities.It has helped in spreading the awareness on larger scale and thereby motivated new comers to participate more.

Sandeep Vanama

Sandeep has been a part of Vridhi Foundation from the start and has been a key part in our activities. He had been actively overlooking the groundwork that was required to run an event. His organisational skills are unparalleled and he remains an asset to Vridhi Foundation.

Preethi Reddy

Preethi brought in exceptional energy to the team by not only participating in the activities that Vridhi Foundation organised but was also involved in getting more volunteers for the events. She was always keen to take up responsibilities which helped Vridhi Foundation in its efforts to carry on the activities in a smooth manner. Preethi remains a valuable asset to Vridhi Foundation.

Sreenivasan P

Sreenivasan has been great support from the beginning of Vridhi Foundation. He not only looked after the documentation of activities but also involved in designing various presentations.Sreenivasan had been assisting us with the technical side of our old website and his commitment towards Vridhi remains unparalleled.

Key Advisers

Harinath Sunkari

Harinath has more than a decade experience in social work activities at gross root levels on various issues like Education to Underprivileged children etc . He involved and helped Vridhi to kick start its activities so that they can sustain for a long time. He continues to guide and involve in various activities of Vridhi.

Anirudh Koppula

Anirudh has been one of the key advisers for Vridhi Foundation. He is someone who believes that the greatest triumph of ones life lies in holding on to your dream, no matter how your life is. Anirudh guided us to take the right steps even before establishing Vridhi Foundation and his guidance helped us make this small yet important impact on the society. He takes his advisory role seriously and continues to give his valuable inputs.

Esteemed Volunteers

Our volunteers have been our strength and they are the one without whom, we wouldn't have come this far. People of different age groups coming from different places, volunteers from different NGOs,and like minded people who wanted to make a difference took a step with us and made sure our efforts to make a difference don't go in vain. Every organisation needs a strong workforce and passionate people working towards a common goal and we were privileged to have them on board. The volunteers were not only participating in the events and helping to spread awareness within the community but also brought in different persepectives and views which have benefitted us and the society alike. We have listed a few of our esteemed volunteers who have participated more times than one but we have to acknowledge that there have been many of them who have contributed in our activities and although it is impossible to have everyone's name listed here, we convey our heartfelt thanks to each one of them who have joined in our efforts.